Plasterers Weight Issues With Tile

When considering whether to plaster walls after boarding out with plasterboard ready to be tiled, consider the weight issues involved, which is something many plasterers forget to consider.

A studded or dot-and-dabbed plasterboard wall can carry 32kg’s per square meter of tiles, tile adhesive, and grout (it all adds up, especially given the fact that tiles that are old and being replaced these days are more likely to be replaced by heavier large format tiles such as porcelain, stone, marble, etc.

Although 32kg’s sounds a lot, it isn’t. But although it isn’t a lot, what’s worse is the fact the skimmed plaster on top of plasterboard reduces the 32kg per square meter weight limit to just a measly 20kg’s per square meter!

As a plasterer, knowing the way the current market it going when it comes to tiles, and tiling onto plaster or plasterboard, this information is a must.

Checkout the blog soon for information related to PVA vs Primer. Another big issue when it comes to tiling over plaster or plasterboard.

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